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Triga bottle

When we tasted this wine in August, Michael Brunelle and I knew it would be one of the most exciting new wines at Table & Vine!  Despite many delays and shipping issues we persevered and FINALLY IT HAS ARRIVED!! 

Triga 2011 ($34.99; $377.89/case)
There’s a cadence to wine tasting, a pattern that is generally followed.  It’s not hard to figure out, whites before reds, lighter before heavier, drier before sweeter.  In Burgundy some choose to taste the reds before whites, as the point of the Pinot Noir there is to make a more delicate wine and the whites are richer and more powerful, so it stands to reason at some level.  Rarely does one veer from the pattern when a large tasting is at hand.  However when we first began our tasting with the OrdoƱez wines back in August Triga was the very first wine presented.  They placed it first because they wanted it to be noted before anything else, nothing else should distract from this.  Thinking back on it, tasting it first was a great thing, had the wine not been good enough it would be lost in a sea of tasting notes, but it wasn’t!  Two, three days later Michael Brunelle and I were still talking about it. 

Alicante is in the Southeast corner of Spain, where Monastrell (Mourvedre in French) rules.  Triga is a special wine made to embrace the notion that they can make wines to rival the great Mourvedre’s of France.  Bodegas Volver has over 450 acres planted in Alicante but a 40 acre parcel was selected as the source for the old-vine Monastrell that would make this prized possession.  Chris Ringland was brought in to direct this project.  No corners were cut, no stone left unturned in figuring out how to make a truly
spectacular wine, a wine worthy of international recognition. 

Ripe gorgeous and firm, there is an awful lot to like about this wine.  Rarely can a wine have the fruit, and floral flavors, but also be rich, and full bodied, and above all else retain balance.  This wine does that, making it a truly spectacular wine.  The handful of examples you can name that do all of that are well over $100 per bottle.  This was undoubtedly the most exciting wine we have tasted from Spain this year!

“Opaque purple.  Explosive black and blue fruit aromas are complicated by notes of licorice, Indian spices and floral oils.  Rich and expansive but showing unlikely finesse thanks to bright acidity.  Sweet blueberry and cassis flavors stain the palate and linger on a very long, intensely spicy, focused finish.  92 points.”  -Josh Raynolds, International Wine Cellar, Sept/Oct 2013

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$34.99; $377.89/case

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